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Born in 1991, Austin Julian Davis (ELITENMENT™) is an American video producer, graphic designer, photographer, actor/model, and music producer specializing in Digital Production, Hip Hop, and Electronic Music. The Chicago Southwest-Side Native expresses himself through multiple genres of music having begun his career as a pianist at age 6, and later acquiring skills with the alto saxophone. Having been a 3-time gold medal winner of Saxophone Solo Contests, Elitenment composed over 15 original piano compositions by the age of 13.
After rocking piano recitals and and Saxophone Solo Contests, during a trip to Lansing Michigan, Elitenment eventually began songwriting and singing for a commissioned project to create a Children's Educational Album at age 14. This started everything because this is when "Elite" (Former Stage Name) became addicted to digital sound production, writing, recording, and engineering songs.
In addition to music, Elitenment's other true passion is Video Production, Acting and Modeling. At the age of 3, Austin appeared on an episode of ER. Since then, he says, "I've been programmed to work in-front of and behind cameras my entire life!" Elitenment says: "I love film making because it literally embodies every form of multi-media that you can think of into one project at a time. I think of film as moving photography combined with music production, set design, acting/modeling, fashion styling, hair/makeup styling, and even graphic design."
By age 18, after playing almost 4 years in Competitive Marching Band, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band, Elitenment dove deeper into digital sound production, songwriting, and engineering; where he put all his acquired skills to work in one focus - branding his music. It was at this moment when Elitenment changed his original stage name formerly known as "Elite." He says: "I needed a name that was more original. From a business perspective I needed a name that I could brand internationally without others having ever thought of it." The artist also chose Elitenment™ to pay subliminal respects to his original nickname, Elite.
The multiple genres of music that Elitenment creates include: Chill Out, Jazz, Soft House, Progressive House, Hip-Hop, R&B, Songwriting, Alternative, Classical, Celtic, New Age, Meditation, and more! Elitenment's eclectic blend of sounds and depth of musical experiences provides a truly unique experience for listeners no matter what the song! Elitenment has produced hundreds of beat, filmed/directed hundreds of videos, has thousands of unpublished professional photographs, has produced countless works of graphic design, and more.
Elitenment's latest goals are to generate more music for licensing on commercial Television, Radio, and Film. He desires the means to fund more of his music and film projects through the revenue generated. "If I had more time to be more creative, and more funding, I would release every bit of art that I can to this world. I want to make sure I share my art during my time on earth. Prince left the planet with a vault of unreleased masterpieces. I promise to share" says Elitenment™.
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