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Album Art for Elitenment's first debut album, Egotrippin' (Original Edition), Full Description

EGOTRIPPIN’ is Elitenment’s 2009 debut Hip-Hop Album consisting of 21 tracks, clocking in at over an hour of music. The album takes listeners on a journey through the 3 parts of the human psyche according to Sigmund Freud's (the Father of Psychoanalysis) theory of the ego and psychoanalysis. Now-a-days everyone listens hip hop at some point. "Well there's something on my album for everyone," says Elitenment. The album features production by Elitenment, Kirkland Fowlkes, Josh Robinson, and David Jr. Egotrippin’ was originally released worldwide in 2009 as shortened EP. Eventually it was removed from stores for some years leaving fans scratching their heads. Now the album will be available in most digital stores again, re-mastered, and fully loaded with almost all of the original album’s vintage content plus bonuses. This means fans get a #throwback journey through my first curated masterpiece of sonic manipulation. This album best expresses Elitenment’s, often elaborate, thought process and cerebral intensity. The album was based on a research paper written by the artist about the modern “father of psychoanalysis.” Perhaps the coolest part about releasing this vintage edition is that it allows Elitenment fans to journey back, deep into Elitenment’s roots in hip-hop. “Although several of these old mixes are a bit flat and rough in comparison to all my new work, these were my original hits and they are timeless. I find it Authentic to let the nuances shine and lift this original work of art up as a testament of my earliest abilities” says Elitenment.




Album Art Work for Elitenment's 2012 Hip Hop Album, "After Party (Deluxe Edition)"
Back Cover Album Art Work for Elitenment's 2012 Hip Hop Album, "After Party (Deluxe Edition)"

"After Party (Deluxe Edition)" is Elitenment’s second Hip-Hop album release which debuted in early 2012. This album features 21 songs and takes listeners on an entirely new journey in a worldly direction. Elitenment suggests that the “After Party” was inspired by a season of true events spanning over 3 years: 2009, 2010, and 2011. The album is deliberately commercialized which got an interesting amount of feedback from Elitenment’s original fans. “Some fans even began to think I was soul searching for my artist direction on this album. This is not true. I was delivering a vulnerable, more intense side of my soul that needed to be released” says Elitenment. "The album title literally reflects the daily lives of genius creative students living in sky scraper “dorms" in Chicago’s College Campus Scene of the South Loop. We partied after partying, and partied after partying after partying. Traditional frat houses couldn’t fathom the way we trapped-out skyscrapers. It was absolutely ridiculous and surreal.” says Elitenment. The worldly album speaks often of vices and is themed around our social fixation with material. Songs like “Mount Olympus,” “Saturday Song,” "Louie V Gnarly,” “Champagne n’ Sinatra,” and “Fanatical” are all very commercial, bright, and exemplify excessive material obsession. The album features a sea of spectacular digital production all composed by Elitenment. There is even a skit in the middle of the album that not only puts the “After Party” lifestyle into perspective, but also showcases Elitenment’s raw ability to create music on the spot: the skit is a full-freestyle over a beat boxed instrumental that was all thought up and recorded on the spot with no editing, or re-do’s. Overall, this album landed Elitenment lasting success thanks to top fan favorites such as “A+ Failures” and “Could Have Had It All.” The “After Party (Deluxe Edition)” features appearances from Chicago natives: Fare Games, and Breevie the L.A.M.E. If anything,  beyond Elitenment’s lyrical genius, this album truly embodies the beautiful and elaborate sounds that Elitenment is able to capture from his thoughts and bring into structured fruition for others to enjoy.




Album Art for Elitenment's third album, "Good Noise"

"Good Noise" is Elitenment's 3rd official album, and first official Electronic release. “Good Noise” features 17 songs totaling over an hour and 20 minutes of original electronic sounds produced entirely by Elitenment. Similar to the likes of Deadmau5 , Tiesto, and other influential progressive house and progressive trance artists, Elitenment produced "Good Noise" over the course of 6 years, giving the album a very traditional sound within the electronic genre. Filled with sharp synths, strong symphonic cymbals, electronic piano rhythms, complex arpeggios, colorful chords and strings, deep-thunderous bass, and surrounding atmospheric rhythms; "Good Noise" is a compilation of electronic goodness, all tuned to the frequency of 432 Hz to empower your connection to earth, love, and ambition. Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of this album is the incredible use of bass and unique digital instruments. Since the album classifies as Progressive House/Trance, listeners can expect to feel the need to rave like that scene from Blade. Elitenment says his influence for this album is Hardcore genre which is popular in Germany, and Deep Euro Club Trance. For best results and  inspiration, listen to "Good Noise" while you work out, for a party, while you create, or while under the influence of your favorite drugs! One of the top fan favorites on this work is “Metropolis Music (Extended Mix).” "I can’t wait till DJs begin remixing and micro sampling these timeless sounds,” says Elitenment.




Propaganda Recall is Elitenment’s fourth official album, and third Rap album, set to release late summer/early fall of 2016. This album is a direct follow-up to “After Party (Deluxe Edition),” and only features one guest producer: Josh Robinson for a song titled “Yachts.” With his junior release, Elitenment has opted to completely take the music industry by the horns and demonstrate multi-executive ability. Just like Elitenment’s previous rap album, “Propaganda Recall” is deliberately commercialized. This time around, Elitenment focuses most heavily on production value, mixing/mastering, harmony, simplicity, and fun - all while subtly educating listeners on the power of propaganda. “The purpose of this 3rd album is to establish myself as a top emerging artist while bringing people to awareness of our deepest worldly indulgences. Lyrics are blunt, exuberant, catchy, and very cryptic. What people must come to realize about this album as a whole is that I am speaking in 1st person as World Capitalism & Propaganda itself. Some anonymous reviews on the album suggest that a few people missed the satirical undertone of the lyrics. The title speaks for itself,” says Elitenment. Pre-Order Your Copy in August!

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